Starbucks is home to the Walking Dead

I walked into Starbucks and got my drink and settled down. The place was sparsely occupied, at Bradley University is shutting down for Spring Break. I love Starbucks when BU students are gone.

Then suddenly within the space of about 1 minute, twenty people wanted in. You have never seen a bunch of such self-centered people. None of them had the slightest clue that anyone else existed in the universe. Interrupting assholes all.

Just like the walkers from that TV show.

And of course, there was the worst of Starbucks customer. The condiment table hog. You know, the kind who takes five minutes to properly spice their drink, then stands there like an drooling idiot sipping it, preventing anyone else from using the condiment table. People like that should be raped by a broom handle wrapped in barbed wire.

I blame Trump.

I cannot wait for Bernie Sanders’ victory. No doubt these people will be dealt with appropriately.

3 thoughts on “Starbucks is home to the Walking Dead

  1. btw there is volunteer canvassing for Bernie starting at 9AM Saturday at the campustown Starbucks. There are also GOTV events at the Labor Temple each morning Saturday through Tuesday for Senator Sanders. Bill Clinton is in town this evening, and Bernie Sanders will be appearing at the ARC at the University of Illinois to speak Saturday.

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