Peoria needs anti-litter samurai

We need these guys in Peoria:

While samurai were traditionally men, the group included at least one dashing young woman, who can be seen dressed in red in the video below, chanting “Hearts without morals shall be punished!” with her cohorts.

So just who are these lovers of justice and cleanliness? While many who’ve seen them in person refer to them as the Gomihiroi Samurai (“The Samurai Who Pick Up Litter”), they’re officially called Jidaigumi Basara, the Tokyo branch of Hokkaido-based samurai performance troupe Issei Ichidai Jidaigumi. The group’s flair for the dramatic can be seen in this video from their official Twitter account.

It’s sorta like guys dressing like John Wayne going around picking up litter in Peoria.

Now that the snow has melted, we can see how much trash Peorians have tossed outside.

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