You know what the best thing about this poster is?


Answer: No Chris Pine.  Because J.J. Abrams raped my childhood. Twice.

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2 thoughts on “You know what the best thing about this poster is?

  1. It’s not Chris’ fault. He didn’t write the crap. He only gets paid to say it. Compare the Kirk from early season one with the Kirk from the reboot. The new characterization is crap, I wouldn’t trust the rebooted Kirk with my lawnmower, not to mention a starship. The ONLY good part of the reboot was the very subtle homage to Kirk’s explanation of how he beat the Kobayashi Maru simulation in Star Trek II, at the end of that scene he takes a bite out of an apple. Chris Pine also did a subtle homage with the Kirk slouch in the command chair.

    There was one other high point in the 2009 reboot, the late Randy Pausch of “The Last Lecture” fame got his brief cameo before he died from cancer. If you’ve never seen his last lecture, take 50 minutes out and watch it at youtube or vimeo or wherever, it’s worth the time.

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