GOP saying: ‘Enough of this Trump sh*t’

Seriously. I’m getting the feelings that mainstream GOPers are going to get serious about dumping Trump. Will there be a come to Jesus meetings between the Koch brothers and the other Republicans in the field about the massive need for all of them except one to stop the fight to be on the ticket, so there can be a one unified candidate? And if Trump DOES win the nomination, will the GOP resign itself to a Democrat in the White House for the next four years? Will there be a breakaway “Real Republican” candidate running as a third party? I would consider any of these moves to be the height of patriotism. Trump is running as a Nazi right now.

3 thoughts on “GOP saying: ‘Enough of this Trump sh*t’

  1. It’s not Godwin if the Nazi comment is made in the original post. Otherwise, a LOT of posts about Trump are Godwin.

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