F*** you AT&T, f*** you with an elephant’s dick

AT&T is making it harder for a community to get a faster Internet service. Why? Because they can:

AT&T is suing Louisville, Kentucky over a new law that would make it easier for companies like Google Fiber to install gigabit internet networks throughout the city. The law, which was passed last week, would allow companies installing equipment on utility poles to move around the existing equipment during installation, rather than requiring each company with something installed on the pole to come out and move it on their own. AT&T and Time Warner Cable lobbied against the law, according to The Courier-Journal, and now AT&T has filed a lawsuit against it in a federal court, claiming both that Louisville doesn’t have the authority to regulate utility poles under state law and that this law violates FCC regulations requiring notice before an installation.


Google Fiber announced plans to explore expanding into Louisville this past September. Since then it’s been working with the city to see what it would take to roll out fiber. The city has clearly been receptive to Google’s pitch. The Courier-Journal reports that the utility pole law passed city council unanimously. In a statement following the vote, Fischer added that it “puts Louisville one step closer to becoming a Google Fiber city — and lays the groundwork for expansion of gigabit services by other providers.” Under the law, internet providers who want to install lines along utility poles will now only need to get permission from the pole’s owner, and they will only have to notify other companies with equipment on the poles in the event that a service outage is expected.

This lawsuit is the epitome of bullsh*t. This lawsuit does NOTHING but perpetuate a bureaucratic impediment to delivery of super-high speed Internet into communities.

America invented the Internet, but out Internet speeds are the slowest in the modern world. And why is that? Because out stupid capitalism worshiping culture has essentially turned over the Internet — a product of socialism — to the greed-hungry corporations that control access.

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