I have found every one of the points to this article to be true

From the American Press Institute:

A conventional impression of a hyperlocal news source is one person working tirelessly to solicit community involvement and fill a website.

Although there is some truth to the reputation, recent research by Arizona State University assistant professor Monica Chadha shows that hyperlocals come in many different forms, some with more than 20 employees and some with staff working in much the same way as traditional journalists.

The term “hyperlocal” has been used many ways over the years, so a definition here is essential. For the purposes of her 2013 survey, Chadha examined digitally-native news sources that were started to cover a specific local geographic area in the United States. Those could be a town or neighborhood, but in far more cases the sites were designed to cover a whole city. So some may call this just “local” instead of “hyperlocal.”

The main points to this article:

  • Banner ads are a mainstay of hyperlocal revenue, followed by grants.
  • More than 40% of hyperlocals have 20+ staff, cover cities.
  • Staff are educated, younger.
  • Nonprofit hyperlocals cover the news differently than for-profits.
  • Hyperlocal staff enact traditional journalistic behaviors.
  • Nearly three-fourths of hyperlocals are present on social.

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