My problem with Hillary

This is what bugs me about Hillary Clinton.

It is a universal truth among Democrats that the millionaires have too much influence. Democrats everywhere hate the Koch brothers for dumping millions  into the coffers of Republicans, especially conservatives.

But Hillary would have us believe she took money for the speeches she gave Wall Street and it didn’t influence her in the least.

2 thoughts on “My problem with Hillary

  1. “Democrats everywhere hate…”

    You had part of it right…

    Just add “…that they don’t have an absolute stranglehold on the American political system” and you’d have it all.

  2. Actually the richest man in Illinois and Governor Rauner’s best friend said it best, “”I think (the ultra-wealthy) actually have an insufficient influence,” Ken Griffin was quoted as saying in an interview with the Chicago Tribune a few years back. Follow the links for the longer interview.

    BTW in 2012 Griffin and his then wife hosted a $75,000 a plate fundraiser for Paul Ryan with an up and coming Congressman with a fabulous Instagram account. See Lynn Sweet’s blog.

    Griffin isn’t just a republican. He’s given big bucks to Governor Rauner’s Napa Valley wine club buddy, Rahm Emanuel. (I’ll always love that pic. Google rahm emanuel bruce rauner wine if you don’t have a Tribune subscription.)

    The dirty little secret is that since 1980 the Democrats have been dependent on Wall St. It started with Tony Coehlo, and by 1992 Bill Clinton was outraising the GOP. Perhaps that is why Clinton never intervened in some labor lockouts. BTW Obama was the big winner of Wall St. money in 2008. McCain led lobbyist money. Hillary from medical and pharmaceutical companies.

    As for Hillary not being influenced, there is a famous interview of Elizabeth Warren by Bill Moyers on YouTube concerning Hillary Clinton and the Bankruptcy Bill. Former Nixon aide and savvy political scientist Kevin Phillips described the Democrats as “history’s second-most enthusiastic capitalist party.”

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