Attention Democrats who send me email

 Stop sending me emails asking me to support — usually by sending a check — your candidates, causes or pet charities.

Yes, i have in the past expressed support for President Obama. I ask you: How is it possible NOT to. I support maybe 70 percent of what he does. I am not likely to continue to support Obamacare in the face of Bernie Sanders support for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, which is only about 100 times better. And I voted for Barack Obama in part based on his promise to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and to close Gitmo. NONE OF THESE THINGS HAS HAPPENED.

Granted, it’s been nice being lead by a grown up for the past seven years.

And what is all this crap I keep hearing about Citizen United? I find it highly suspect that the cure for Citizen United is to send more money to Washington DC.

And Cheri Busts can stop sending me email about how how the 17th District is in constant danger of being taken over by the evil dangerous Republicans. It is not. It is the most heavily gerrymandered district in this state, if not the country. The damn district is stretched, literally, from the north of the state to nearly the south. She won the last election by 8 percentage points. The last time the Republicans won was after the previous Democratic Congressman started voting like an idiot Republican. Sorta like Bustos announcing her support to keep those evil Muslim refugees out.

In any case, I am sick of email from Bustos telling me the fate of Democracy itself depends on me sending a $25 donation to her in order to meet some arbitrary, self-imposed fund-raising deadline.

And do not chortle, Republican readers. All your candidates are irredeemable, unrepentant scum, I would not give Bobby Schilling the sweat off my balls if he was dying of thirst.  / 

3 thoughts on “Attention Democrats who send me email

  1. The reason for Schilingis defeat of Congressman Hare : was comments like this in a public forum.
    At an April 2010 town hall meeting, Hare stated on camera, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest,” in relation to Congressional health-care reform efforts.[14] The cameraman, who was affiliated with the St. Louis Tea Party, was heard to say “jackpot, brother!” after Hare said this, to which Hare responded, “Oh, please.” Hare’s communications director, Tim Schlittner, later explained that Hare’s quote was “taken out of context” and he meant that “he is not worried about this health care law being ruled unconstitutional.”[15] However in the same interview, Hare said, “I believe it (the Constitution) says ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'” When it was pointed out to him that was actually from the Declaration of Independence, Hare said, “It doesn’t matter to me.”[16]

  2. Cheri Bustos is a member of the Blue Dog Democrats. She is one of the most conservative democrats in the House caucus. She frequently betrays Democratic principles, and she spends about 5 hours a day across from the Capitol in a room at the DNC called “The BullPen” where she is on the phone asking for campaign contributions from corporate America. Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny! called her one of the 10 worst Democratic Freshmen a few years back. She is a republican in democratic clothing. And yes, she hates to see my face when we run into to one another.

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