So, as it turns out, Packers fans aren’t the biggest a**holes out there

That title belongs to these Seattle Seahawks fans:

Sam, from Portland, Oregon, had been his friends’ engagement party at a nearby bar, Muu Muu’s, while watching his Green Bay Packers go up against the Arizona Cardinals. At the time he was wearing his favorite Packers beanie.

Its believed the attackers were rival NFL fans. Sam’s girlfriend Bridget Kitson, initially wrote on Reddit that the suspects were Seattle Seahawks fans who attacked her boyfriend for simply being a Packers fan.

She wrote: ‘Sam and two friends were at a bar watching the Green Bay Packers game. There was no problem at the bar. Three guys walked by and made an unprovoked comment to Sam about the Packers. One of them sucker punched Sam. He had no idea it was coming. Then he hit him again, and Sam fell to the ground hitting his head on a curb, fracturing his skull. He was knocked unconscious. He never fought back.’

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