Aaron Schock is back in the public eye .. signalling a return to public service?

rp_aaron_schock_head-150x150.jpgFormer U.S, Congressman Aaron Schock is back on Twitter … to refute the facts of a story. And along comes a pundit from the Washington Post to speculate — as all pundits do — about what it all means:

But the tweet suggests that while Schock has tried his best to let the public forget about him and his spending drama, he hasn’t forgotten about it. And he apparently thinks there’s a lot left for him to prove.

In breaking his Twitter silence, Schock is likely thinking about his political future –such as it is.

He may forever be known as “the Downtown Abbey congressman,” but it’s certainly possible he could rise from the political dead. He is only 34; he was just 33 when he resigned. Until that moment, Schock had a bright political future ahead of him and was considered a prime candidate for higher office in Washington or back home in Illinois.  For everyone who says Schock can never recover, please see Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.). Or New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Here’s what’s going to happen. If the feds close their investigation without charging him (or if there is a deal where Schock pleads and avoids prison time), look for him to start or be hired to head one of those Washington DC based lobby groups or think tanks that seem to promulgate over there.

The other option is for Schock to start some private firm that is somehow involved in real estate. He’s made a lot of money doing that, and he certainly is a smart money-maker. But one can also argue that much of his success was due to the fact he was doing business with folks who really, really wanted a Congressman to owe them favors.

Me, I’m not counting on Schock being charged, let alone convicted. The accusations against him might have damned him in the public eye, but these laws were written in a way to look like they were cracking down, but not designed to really provide any way to convict violators.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Schock is back in the public eye .. signalling a return to public service?

  1. I predict that Aaron Schock will be indicted on several counts in 2016. Look for the perp walk to take place between April 1st and June 30th. i hope I get bonus points if the investigation spreads to other Congressmen and foreign governments.

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