Women: Watch your nipples if there are any Republicans nearby

breastfeeding-rocks1From Raw Story:

A self-described “pro-family” conservative said on Facebook he should be allowed to grab the nipples of breastfeeding mothers if a law banning women exposing breasts in public didn’t pass. New Hampshire state Rep. Josh Moore (R) deleted the comment, but it was archived and posted by Slate.

The comment was made in a squabble over proposed legislation that would make it a crime for women to expose their nipples in public. Currently in New Hampshire, both men and women are free to go topless, reports Slate. A bill sponsored solely by Republican men would change that, if it becomes law. A woman could be charged with a misdemeanor if she “purposely exposes the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts in a public place and in the presence of another person with reckless disregard for whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by such act.”

I am completely in favor of public breastfeeding, and not just because it exponentially increases the odds of me seeing a nipple in public, I cannot THINK of those other reasons right now, but there are reasons.

Republicans are perves. And so am I, but at least I admit it.

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