Martin O’Malley doesn’t make the cut in Iowa

From the Baltimore Sun:

eye_on_bernieDemocratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley failed to submit enough valid signatures to appear on Ohio’s primary ballot in March, a state official said Thursday.

O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who is running a longshot campaign for the nomination, submitted 1,175 signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State, 175 more than required for ballot access. But state officials have determined that only 772 of the signatures are valid, said Gia Harrison, a deputy press secretary in the office.

Both frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders cleared the 1,000-signature hurdle, Harrison said.

Signature requirements are how political parties cull the (in their minds undeserved candidates from the voting poll. Third Party candidates KNOW they have to get ten times the number of signatures that are  required by law, because party hacks are absolutely shameless in their ability and willingness to challenge. And the number of signatures are often ten times the number required by law anyway.

I’m guessing that Bernie is considered mainstream enough, so he’s nat facing a challenge to his signatures.

One thought on “Martin O’Malley doesn’t make the cut in Iowa

  1. If the signature gathering folks would get valid signature to begin with it would not be a problem. Going to the events that they attend and get signatures are more than likely drawing non registered citizens.

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