The editorial board of Peoria’s one and only newspaper of record editorializes on Caterpillar’s conviction on theft of trade secrets

They are opposed. Kinda. Although you would be hard pressed to read an editorial condemning a company of illegal theft that was more filled with local boosterism and brown-nosing:

We appreciate that Caterpillar operates in a hyper-competitive world economy where more than a few do not always play by the rules. For example, many have given China grief over the years for not recognizing the boundaries of established standards of business. No doubt there can be temptations to respond in kind. In many ways Peoria goes as Caterpillar goes, so obviously we want the company to do well. It makes a lot of livelihoods possible in central Illinois.

That said, we also want to be proud of the company that calls Peoria home and of the way it conducts itself in this admittedly not-always-pure global environment, as we generally have been over the years. If the allegations of “unjust enrichment” and “willful and malicious” theft on Cat’s part are true, as this federal jury evidently believes, well, it’s hard to sugarcoat that. Then again, if there’s an appeal, it may produce a different result.

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