Custer was a baby daddy to an American Indian kid

So, when he wasn’t killing Indians, he was laying down some peace pipe :

When Rocky Mountain College history professor Tim Lehman decided to include the potentially controversial statement that George Armstrong Custer had a son with a Cheyenne woman whom Custer called Monahseetah (Meotzi) in his book,Bloodshed At Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull, Custer, and the Destinies of Nations, it wasn’t put in to create controversy. It was merely one part of his research garnered from all the best sources he could gather. He couldn’t exclude the research once it was done.


Any personal knowledge of a Cheyenne mistress—especially that he fathered a Cheyenne child—would eventually be thrown into the ash heap of history as Libbie would live to be 90, outliving most whites with potential knowledge of the affair.

Recorded Native oral history, however, has several sources that say Custer had a son named Yellow Swallow with Meotzi. She considered him her “husband” and she was devoted to him. Lehman says although many people are dismissive of oral accounts because they can have variances, there was more than enough overlapping stories about Meotzi and Custer’s son to conclude that it couldn’t be dismissed.

According to Lehman, after the 1868 Washita River Massacre, Custer kept captured women and children as prisoners of war for four months. Meotzi birthed a baby two months into captivity, but would get impregnated by Custer afterwards. She was employed by him as an interpreter even though she couldn’t speak English.

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