Car thieves are the worst

  Several years ago, I had a laptop stolen overnight from my car. It was dark and the laptop was tucked between the front seat and the back seat and was covered by a blanket.

I was like: “This thief had to be going from car to car, checking out which doors were locked, then calmly ransacking each car he wound open until he found something he could take.”

And that is exactly when they do. It’s a profession for them. The risks are small. When is the last time you saw a police report of anyone busted for stealing stuff from a car. The jail time for that has got to be, what, five minutes?

Anyway, as aggravating as these crimes are, they are far less offensive than home invaders or armed robbers.

I am comforted by the fact that the laptop was old and in poor shape (I am Hell on laptops, I am afraid). I needed a new one anyway, and they thief couldn’t have gotten much money for it, as I bought it cheap to begin with. Anyway, my next computer will be an outrageously over-powered desktop with solid state drives and enough RAM to choke Linda Lovelace.

I mention this because I just read a police report where a city-owned iPad went missing from a city employee’s car.  It’s hard to get outraged over some city employee being as dumb as i was.

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