Peoria’s lesser media also struggles to cover Peoria

 Here’s how Peoria’s lesser media covered Peoria yesterday.

  • Fire forces apartment building residents to evacuate (WMBD 31): They are reporting the apartment fire was in the “3400 block of Richwoods Boulevard.” Since I know about a million times more about Peoria that anyone now working for WMBD, I’ll tell you this is in the 3400 block of WEST Richwoods Boulevard. I know this because there is no 3400 block of EAST Richwoods (as that would be somewhere in the middle of the Illinois River. Also, I recognize the building on fire from West Richwoods.
  • Peoria Police Hire New Resident Officer (WMBD 31): Well it may be a new resident officer, but it’s hardly a new position. He’s replacing the former resident officer. So, that means no net increase in resident officers.
  • Driver cited for DUI after car crashes into Peoria home (WEEK 25):  Dumbass. And don’t try calling me to say I’m not reporting your side of it.


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