Illogic and plot holes abound in ‘The Darkseid War’

darkseid_war_green_lanternThe Darkseid War: Green Lantern. is part of a series of one-shots spun off from the event being played out in Justice League now. Basically, it is this: The Anti-Monitor and Darkseid (the main big bad of the DC Universe) don’t like each other and are having it out. Darkseid gets killed, and through various mechanizations, members of the Justice League have all been turned into New-God-style gods. Seriously, each case of ascension to Godhood is completely different and completely accidental.

In this issue, about 1.1 million of Darkseid’s parademons, after losing their god Darkseid, had gravitated to Planet Oa, where they hope to create a host for their “new god,” a merged Mother Box/Central Power Battery. All other Green Lanterns have died rejecting the deal, our hero Hal Jordan accepts the offer. This is that story.

First, the story is poignant and well-told. The art is perfect. The plot harkens back to just about ever GL story within the past decade. Now, the bad news: GLs wield, essentially, magical wishing rings. The wearer is automatically one of the most powerful people in existence. There are 7,200 Green Lanterns fighting off 1.1 million parademons — unthinking beasts who fly using bat-like wings and essentially use ray guns. Myself, I’m thinking the folks with the magic wishing rings of unlimited power would have the advantage.

And I’m wondering about the wisdom of demanding that one of the Lanterns accept god status when the first thing Hal Jordan does after getting it is to destroy all 1.1 million parademons and restore the other Lanterns and Guardians to life.

And these Gods the Justice Leaguers are becoming? They all show cosmic awareness and powers completely beyond any demonstrated by Jack Kirby’s regular “New Gods” in ANY DC comic. But these new powers advance the story’s silly plot.

Like I said, the story is poignant and well-told. Just so damn many plot holes.


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