My Veterans Day post … enjoy

veterans_honorAmerica loves to honor veterans in the abstract.

The “concept” of veterans, we have no problem with. We’ll honor the Hell out of then, then celebrate them with beer and hamburgers on the grill.

We start naming them, then it gets a little tricky. A bright, shiny Marine in his dress blues, OK. Some grizzled vets from WWII, OK then.

You put a veteran in front of a group of people with real needs that cost money, then we start backing away.

We put a vet in front of you who has behavior problems, we call a cop to take him away. And please, don’t tell us any war stories that do not perpetuate the myths we have built up around you.

I read a statistic that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. I have no idea if this is true or not. I do know that no nation that truly “honors veterans” would let that many die that way. Five people died in Benghazi, and the Republican Party lost its mind.

We want to “honor veterans?” Fine let’s start by making fewer of them. And let’s finish by paying for the care they need.

2 thoughts on “My Veterans Day post … enjoy

  1. Um, Billy…

    Al Qaida’s Benghazi attack on 9-11-12 killed FOUR people, not FIVE. And it was the Democrats who lost their minds, excusing the attack on a video (“it’s America’s fault”) and jailing the videomaker (Obama’s political prisoner) even though they knew full well what had happened, and that it could have been avoided if good choices had been made. But it was an election year, so the M. O. had to be “cover up, cover up, cover up.”

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