Congress considers new law to make it much easier to survive the coming zombie apocalypse

From Liberal America:

On Thursday, House Republicans introduced a bill which would completely eliminate the federal tax on gun silencers and would also greatly weaken licensing requirements that make the devices more difficult to buy than most firearms.

Why did they feel the need to do this? To protect the hearing of gun owners, they say.

The Hearing Protection Act of 2015, which was proposed by GOP Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona, would remove silencers– also known as suppressors–from the National Firearms Act (NFA), instead putting them in the same regulatory category as long guns.

The NFA was passed in the days of Prohibition to combat the extreme violence of bootleggers and gangsters. The devices were included on a list of NFA weaponry and other hardware, alongside firearms like machine guns and short-barreled–sawed-off– shotguns. Currently, anyone who buys a silencer must first pay a $200 fee, which covers an extensive FBI background check that can take months to complete.

Anyone who has seen an episode of The Walking Dead knows that zombies are attracted to the found of gunfire, making it potentially deadly to use firearms to survive an immediate zombie attack. So you are faced with a dilemma: Use a gun to fight off a small band of walkers, and find yourself attacked by a hundred of the disgusting biters in the coming 15 minutes.

One there are more silencers out there, we’ll all have a much better chance for survival. Silencers, and crossbows.

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