Printing news they don’t want you to read? Get your funding cut

From Reason:

The Argus, Wesleyan’s main student publication, currently publishes twice a week. Recently, an op-ed by a conservative white veteran that mildly criticized some tactics of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement provoked a backlash from the campus’s far-left activists, who in turn pressured the student government to cut funding to the paper. The activists also vowed to destroy any physical copies of the paper they could get their hands on.

These activities were an explicit threat to The Argus: run different material—material that doesn’t offend the sensibilities of liberals—or else.

Now, it appears the student government is taking action. On Sunday, the Wesleyan Student Assembly affirmed a resolution to restructure how The Argus is funded. The resolution is complicated, but it would substantially decrease The Argus’s printing budget; money saved this way would be put toward stipends for writers at various campus publications that don’t publish as frequently as The Argus. The WSA claims the purpose of the resolution is to “reduce paper waste,” by printing The Argus less frequently.

The exact details haven’t been hammered out yet, but Argus editors expect their funding to be cut by $15,000.

It’s always struck me as odd that student newspapers — which are supposed to be report and comment on the university power structure — are set up to be totally fiscally dependent on that same power structure. The solution? Go online.

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