Mark Ruffalo has faith in journalism: ‘It’s an exciting time’

From the Daily Beast:

“I think the news media lost an incredible amount of credibility during the Iraq War, and leading up to the Iraq War—certainly centralized news,” Ruffalo said in Venice. “So you’ve seen a lot of long-term investigators move into the digital realm, and they’re doing some darn good work in that realm. It doesn’t come to us as centralized as it does in The New York Times or The Boston Globe, but it is coming to us. I think we have a lot more information and it’s getting aggregated a lot better than the centralized model. We’re at the infancy of a new news media. To some degree, the old model has moved to the 24-hour news model, but they’re losing viewers and they’re losing readers because they’re not as credible as they used to be, and we want credibility.”

“We all want investigative journalism, and so there are great investigative journalists still out there who are a lot freer to follow stories in ways that I don’t think they could’ve in the past because of editors, because of the pressures thatThe Boston Globe and these reporters are under,” he continued. “They had to make money. A lot of longform investigative journalism like ProPublica and Truthout are not beholden to anybody; they’re reader-funded. So I think it’s an exciting time to be an investigative journalist.”

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