Does Peoria need its own Bill of Rights?

Critical Provocation is one of the most interesting local blogs to come along in a long time. The lede story today:

In Peoria, just as in all American metropolitan communities the will of the people is not the direction of local governments. A couple examples of Peoria government sidestepping the will of Peorians can be seen in the passage of a Food Truck Vendor ordinance with no real vendor access, and the sale of Riverfront Park for condo development. These are examples of American Exceptionalism. The management of government for a very long time, is becoming more and more vested in a small corporate minority, and Peoria is no exception.

What Peorians need is a Local Bill of Rights, ensuring sustainable use of our green spaces, sustainable redevelopment of place, adequate access to public transportation, wide scale sustainable energy use, a living wage, sustainable agriculture, clean air and clean water, and so much more.

This is just the beginning of a brighter future for Peoria, if we want it. We are the People we have been waiting for. The wait is over; no one but we have the power. Please, look forward to more information regarding the growing Community Rights Movement at


2 thoughts on “Does Peoria need its own Bill of Rights?

  1. Thanks for Promoting Journalism in Central Illinois. I know Peoria Pundit has been at this for years now.
    I’m glad to be apart of independent journalism.
    Thanks for all you do.


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