Here’s what we do if a GOPer wins the 2016 election

  • We’ll start claiming immediately that whoever it is is desperate for a third term and plans to ferment unrest somewhere so he can send in the troops and declare “Marshal Law.”
  • Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we declare that his/her birth certificate is an “obvious forgery” and demand proof of live birth in the United States.  Which we, of course, will reject.
  • Demand to see copies of all tests, quizzes, book reports, etc. from college and if he is unable to present them, claim that his entire academic record is faked.
  • Did he ever life within a 20-mile radius of any known radicals? Pronounce him/her a follower of said radical.

7 thoughts on “Here’s what we do if a GOPer wins the 2016 election

  1. All the GOP has to do is reply “but we were not as bad as the Previous Occupant” ( a classic Democrat tactic) Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a classic user of the terms

    1. Keep hoping, BrianG. And when Sen. Sanders fails to win the Democrat nomination and runs as an independent, be sure to vote for him.

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