If I were dictator of America …

I would give Congressional candidates $100,000 to run. I’d give the money to all Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens and Modern Whigs, and I would add others as they made decent showings in elections. I’d also let them spend another $100,000.

I’d ban donations from the parties and from other candidates.  No PAC for YOU, Aaron Schock.

Let ’em take all the selfie videos they want with their cell phones and publish them to YouTube.

I’d also computerize the Congressional redistricting process to make sure they are as compact as possible.

I would also limit the terms of all leadership positions in the House and Senate.

If you are caught throwing so much as a cigarette butt from a vehicle, you get a $10,000 fine and your car gets impounded. No probation, supervision or work-release allowed.

If you rent out business space, and it goes empty because the business closes or moves, you pay quadruple property taxes until a new business moves in.

Cities will be required to issue tickets for litter in yards starting on April 1 and ending on the first day of winter.

Cities and counties can collect as much as they want from automobile fines, but that amount cannot exceed the amount of fines collected from litter related offenses.

I would ban the federal government, state governments and municipalities from offering tax breaks or other incentives to lure any business. If you move to another country because of similar incentives, you pay an amount equal to the taxes you paid at your present location for the past seven years. And you lose the right to sell your goods in the United States.

If you wait for more than three minutes to speak to a live tech support or customer service worker, you can demand to be sent $20.

You can set up call centers for your business in other countries, but they must announce to callers that they have reached tech support in another country, and state the name of the country in which they are located.


5 thoughts on “If I were dictator of America …

  1. I’d also computerize the Congressional redistricting process to make sure they are as compact as possible?

    Districts MUST be gerrymandered to ensure minority candidates have a better than average chance of winning.

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