Gimmee money gimmee money gimmee money now now now

Why the f*ck is Congresswoman Cheri Bustos sending me emails about the absolute necessity of giving her money NOW NOW NOW — to help her win an election that is more than 19 months away?  She’s in the safest Democratic-drawn district in downstate Illinois. Greedy whores … all of ’em.

3 thoughts on “Gimmee money gimmee money gimmee money now now now

  1. “Whore” is a bit strong. But Bustos has one of the stickiest email lists to unsubscribe. Even her unsubscribe page doesn’t work. I subscribed because I think she is an interesting person. But, I, too, was put off by her list and spent literally hours trying to find someone who could actually get my name off her list. Not cool.

    1. You think she’s bad? God forbid you ever get on Scott Walker of Wisconsins’ list. They will stalk you, and probably kill you too.

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