So, what happens after Darin LaHood gets elected to Congress?

Aaron Schock’s resignation has, of course, created a power vacuüm. Someone is going to have to take his seat, and it’s probably — almost certainly — going to be Darin LaHood (but don’t rule out an upset).

Well, who fills Darin LaHood’s seat on the State Senate? I am hearing that city council member Ryan Spain is being considered to fill LaHood’s term. Then who fills Spain’s seat on the city council? I am again hearing that defeated at-large candidate Katherine Coyle is being considered for Spain’s seat.

If so, I object. She had her chance very recently, and the public soundly said “no” to Coyle being on the council.  She would probably be glad to give up her position as Republican County chair, but the taint of professional and expected partisanship remains. The city council is a non-partisan position.

But if failed candidates for council are going to be considered, I suggest Dan Irving. He served the council honorably before losing relection to Casey Johnson, no doubt because of those patently false prostitution charges that should never have been brought in the first place.

Here is another name for consideration: Karrie Alms. She would be a question asker in the vein of the late Gary Sandberg, or present council member Beth Akeson. Former blogger C.J. Summers would also be a good choice.

I have no objection to Spain going to the State Senate. He’s paid his dues, public-service wise. Coyle would be a better fit for LaHood’s State Senate position, if you ask me.

Spain has also been talked up for a run for Jim Ardis’s job as mayor, as has council member Chuck Weaver. Ardis is not likely to run again, and if he does, he probably won’t win.

This is just my two cents, and I am notoriously bad at these sorts of predictions.

2 thoughts on “So, what happens after Darin LaHood gets elected to Congress?

  1. You really are clueless. Spain would have to quit his job & take a pay cut if he was elected. The Mayor will likely run — and win. After another 4-year term, Spain will run & be elected. No mention of Weaver. He’s definitely in the running — and has lots of money & backing.

  2. I recently saw Karrie Alms and asked when she was going to run again. She said emphatically, “Never!” I don’t necessarily agree with her on everything but I have to say she is adept at dissecting everything and I do think she’s the most honest person I have met in a long time. Too bad she’s disillusioned by the process.

    I would love to see Peoria Pundit ask everyone in this item what they think about all this.

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