Johnny Bough is dead

Johnny Bough is the former pressman at the Daily Eastern News.

He was a sincerely friendly person, who never seemed out of place in a newsroom full of full-of-themself young Newsers. He constantly showed immense patience as we constantly blew deadlines (and I was responsible for more than one blown deadline as I recall).

He had surgery for cancer and I hear he had contracted an infection. He was 73.

I am reminded that newspapers do not spring, full-formed, from the minds of the reporters and editors who write for them.

They are works of art, lovingly crafted by men like Johnny Bough.

One thought on “Johnny Bough is dead

  1. Billy, I just came across this today and wanted to thank you for memorializing my dad correctly. He was proud of the work the students at the DEN did and his role in getting their work into the readers’ hands. He also loved all of the students he had the opportunity to work with. Rick Bough

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