Hose ’em all off, I say

Speaking of going to the bathroom and peeing …

I know I have brought this topic up before, but I went to the toilet at Starbucks today and both urinals were filled with other people’s urine. This is apparently something that hippies do to conserve water.

Some thoughts:

  1. You save NO water. When I see somene else’s urine in the bowl I flush twice, THEN use the toilet. And I often run a damn paper towel on the seat because I am not going to sit down on anything that touched a naked hippy’s ass.
  2. Toilet water, like the drinking water, comes from the  Sankoty Aquifer and is readily replenished. Every single Peorians could flush non-stop for a year and we would have pretty much the same amount of water.
  3. No one wants to walk into a public bathroom that stinks of someone’s urine. Stop it.
  4. I imagine that most of these no flush-hippies attend Bradley University. I imagine also that the residence halls at B.U. smell horrible.
  5. I do not believe in violence. But I would gladly shoot one or two of this no-flush hippies in the groin, to let them serve as an object lesson to the others.
  6. At the very least, they should all be gathered in a pit and hosed down with fire hoses.
  7. 200 years from now, when historians decide where 21st Century society collapsed, they will trace it back to the idea that you can pee in a public toilet and walk away without flushing.

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