About Beth Akeson’s ‘stunt’ …

Read my version of the police report here. I have not read the Journal Star version of the police report, which was printed after mine.

I will say this:

I have been reading Peoria police reports, one and off, for more than 10 years. I have been reading police reports in communities all across Illinois and Missouri for more than 30 years. So maybe I am a liiiiittttle but more familiar with them than the folks who read about Council Member Beth Akeson’s little run-in with the angry driver and jump to the conclusion she is in the wrong.

  • It is not unusual in the slightest for there to be NO ARREST is a threat case like this where there is no tangible evidence that can be brought to court that indicates a threat was made — a witness or a recording of some kind.  I read a similar report just about ever single time I visit the police station. The lack of arrest does not show the police did not believe Akeson.
  • Akeson has every right to photograph anything she sees happening on a public street while she is walking on a public street. Just as I do. Just as readers do. If I saw a dude I knew was not a city employee digging up dirt from public land and i had a camera handy, I might take a picture too.
  • I was once chased  8 miles up U.S. route 45 from Pesotum, IL to Tolono, IL by a guy who was upset I stood in the street and photographed his house and yard — after a police report was filed by his neighbor who was upset at vulgar yard signs directed at the neighbor, who had called the cops on his illegal auto-repair business. I pulled up to a stop in front of the newspaper office and the guy slowed down then drove off. I waved at him.
  • People who chase other people in cars because they don’t like pictures being taken of their illegal activities are thugs.  People who criticize the victims are little better.

17 thoughts on “About Beth Akeson’s ‘stunt’ …

  1. Regardless. I set forth the REASONS I support her, based on my knowdge of communication law (the right to photograph) and my experience readng police reports AND my person experiences being chased.

  2. You could not PAY me enough money t be a ciity council member. even tha bad ones are underpaid considering the amount of shit they get from the public.

  3. How hypocritical. You criticize the mayor for using his position, but give Akeson a pass when she demands a meeting with the City Manager & Police Chief because she feels that the police officer didn’t express enough concern for her situation. She wanted special treatment & wanted the officer to accept her version of events without conducting an impartial investigation.

  4. You RELLY cannot see the difference between someone pissed off they were disrespected ON TWITTER and someone who feels she was in actual physical danger?

  5. Hah! She didn’t complain to the city manager & police chief because she felt she was in physical danger — which is BS. She complained because she didn’t think the officer expressed enough concern for her version of events. You are the disingenuous one.

  6. You might want to read the paper you so revile. “Akeson arranged a meeting with City Manager Patrick Urich and Police Chief Jerry Mitchell for Monday morning…….” “I wanted them to know the officer was not friendly, lacked concern and seemed annoyed.”

    Think you could set up a meeting with the City Manager & Police Chief if you thought an officer wasn’t friendly?

  7. Also from the article, which you omitted, Akeson said: “I told them I did not feel they needed to take any action for my benefit, but that I wanted them to review the customer service training for officers in general.”

  8. It’s a good thing most people already agree with me, then. Except for for those who hate Beth Akeson.

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