So, the Limestone Independent News is for sale

I used to write for the Limestone Independent News when I was a plucky young college student in the early 1980s.

So, I hear from sources that it is now for sale.

Frankly, I am surprised. I honestly thought it had long ago closed. I can find virtually no evidence it exists on the Web. It almost certainly has no online version, let alone a static site.

So, I drove by today, but the office looked like it had closed. And I could find no copies for sale at any local business.

I’d buy the businss … except for the fact that I have no money. And the fact that print is dead.

3 thoughts on “So, the Limestone Independent News is for sale

  1. Not all print is completely dead, I enjoy the Elmwood Weekly Post. I am sure you are aware of it. It might be fun for you to own that Limestone paper. I bet you could figure out a way to buy it, after all how much could it be?

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