You cannot challange the Corporate Duopoly by joining the Corporate Duopoly


When I publish posts about how evil the Republican Party is, I am challenged by Tea Partiers who insist that I am supporting Democrats and that Democrats do evil things.

This is their slave minds regurgitating the lies told them by their corporate overlords.

If I seem to criticize Republicans more it is because at the moment, Republicans are a smidge more evil than are Democrats. I loath the Clintons and I am deeply disappointed in Barak Obama. There are a lot of good things Obama has done and I believe most of the hatred directed at Obama is racially motivated.

And even still. I am not completely sold on the Greens. I am a Green, but with strong libertarian tendencies on some issues, like gun control and small businesses.

So, in 2016, I’ll be voting for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and if she doesn’t run, Bernie Sanders.

If I am given a choice between Hillary Clinton and any Republican, I’m writing in Elizabeth Warren.

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