The Journal Star doubles down on reasons why I wish them to go out of business

Yeah, so my Dad worked at Pabst Blue Ribbon.  It was the most profitable brewery the company owned. Then the closed the plant down. Some asshole bought the company and decided to make a quick profit by selling the equipment off. They fired everyone they hired in 1959 specifically to avoid paying their pensions.

Myself, I would not drink a bottle of that piss-water if my life depended on it. I will not go into bars that advertise it.
But go ahead, Journal Star, declare the Pabst logo one of the things that “play in Peoria.” I’d boycott your ass too, but then I haven’t paid for a dead tree edition of your ass-wipe publication in years.
I am not pissed at the writer of the story. They are just peons, writing what they are told to write.
But I would like to have a few words with the editors who thought this article was a good idea.
I rather doubt there is one motherf*cker working there who grew up in Peoria.
F*ck the Journal Star. F*ck them with an elephant’s dick. I hope they all get fired and replaced by interns.
Reporters, do not even talk to me. You are dead to me.
The entire Peoria area would be better off if a fire destroyed your building and melted your press to scrap metal.
In other words, go die in a fire.

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