Star Trek being reooted by CBS?

Here is synopsis of the details:

According to the report, back before the 2009 movie reboot, there were two competing pitches for a Star Trek TV revival. One was developed by Babylon 5 creator and comics writing legend J. Michael Straczynski and Dark Skies’ Bryce Zabel, which would have rebooted the original Kirk/Spock/McCoy trio with all new actors. The details of that pitch are actually all online and make for a fascinating “what if” read.

The other pitch, which in my opinion was far more interesting, was from novelist Geoffrey Thorne, along with X-Men’s Bryan Singer, Free Enterprise director Rob Burnett, and Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie. It was called Star Trek: Federation. This one was set in the timeline of the original five shows, but set much farther into the future, where the United Federation of Planets has become a “fat n’ happy” bloated empire, with the age of exploration (and heroes like Kirk and Picard) far behind them, with a Starfleet made of old ships just patrolling the borders. All the classic races form Trek canon like the Vulcans, Klingons and Ferengi have evolved into interesting new cultures as well. An attack from a new enemy shocks the Federation out of their complacency, and an all new, very advanced Enterprise is built. There are full details on that pitch here, and it also sounds like this would have been a very solid foundation for a new Trek series that doesn’t invalidate all the others, but built upon it.

First of all, it’s mildly surprising that CBS owns the TV rights to Star Trek, not NBC. NBC is a vortex of suck these days, and CBS has the best shows on network television. Which is good, because if the new show went on HBO or TNT or AMC look for the series to be about hookers and heroin.

Second, my poor little brain could not cope with yet another reboot of the original series. So, yes “Star Trek: Federation” looks prretty good. And if it follows the timeline established in TOS, that means Romulus was destroyed, not Vulcan, so I am happy.

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