I meant every word I said when I wrote that I hoped the Journal Star dies in a fire

I was deathly serious.

It would be the best thing for Peoria.

This city needs a good, strong newspaper that cares about the citizens.

This newspaper is NOT the Peoria Journal Star.

It shuffles along, like an extra on The Walking Dead, refusing to die. The bulk of the profits are sent out of town to buy new yachts for management. Some of it goes to buying the salaries of local editors and reporters … who earn their money by NOT adequately reporting on the news in Peoria.

There are other publications in Peoria that exist right now that are poised to take over, run by people who care about news but lack the advertising revenue.

There is Joe Faber’s online entity, the Peoria Morning Sun. There is The Community Word. There is also … whatever newspaper some enterprising entrepreneur wants to create to replace the Journal Star.

The point is hat journalism is not going to die in Peoria without the Journal Star. And the Journal Star’s eventual replacement will be stronger, smarter, leaner and meaner.

Maybe this new entity will hire the Journal Star’s complacent current reporters (God knows why). But that’s hardly the point. The point is quality journalism, not lard-assed counting-the-days-till-retirement journalism.



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