Aaron Schock fundraiser wants her money back

From Politico:

Rep. Aaron Schock’s longtime fundraiser sent an email to the Illinois Republican’s donors, saying she feels “sad, angry, cheated” and filled with “total disgust, disbelief and disappointment” at the congressman’s alleged misspending of taxpayer and campaign dollars.

Lisa Wagner is an Illinois-based GOP fundraiser who worked for Schock for the past four years, helping to catapult him to the top tier of the Republican money world.


“Aaron is going thru Hell,” Wagner wrote. “Many, many people genuinely like and care about Aaron as a human being, and their hearts are heavy and sad. I believe Aaron will work hard to make things right as best he can. From starting the process of returning checks to reaching out to people, Aaron will take full responsibility for his actions and choices.”

As I’ve said before, Aaron Schock has money grubber syndrome. Deep down, he believes that every cent he has been given control over is his property to be spend or saved according to his whim. It’s the same syncdome that keeps landlords from returning deposits, or leads the Bernie Madoff’s of the world to rip off clients.

If he is going through Hell, it’s because he finds it deeply painful to return ANY money.

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