Groceries at UFS store does NOT solve the south side ‘food desert’ problem

Think the “food desert” problem caused by the closure of the Aldis store on Western Avenue is cured now that the UFS store on Adams is now offering groceries?

Think again.

If you live next door to the site of the former Aldis store at 725 N Western , you have to traabel seven miles to get to the UFS store’s mini grocery at 1800 S.W. Adams (according to Google Maps).

But there is only a five-mile distance between the same Aldis store and the already existing full service store, Kroger, at 3103 W Harmon Highway.

No doubt there are locations close to UFS that are closer to UFS than they are to Kroger, or any other store.

But methinks the UFS won’t be a cure for those on or near Western who have to walk or take cabs to shop for groceries.

More work is needed to end the “food desert” on Peoria’s south side.

If necessary, th city needs to lean on developers: No new strip malls in middle- or upper-class neighborhoods until someone locates a grocery store on Western.

2 thoughts on “Groceries at UFS store does NOT solve the south side ‘food desert’ problem

  1. This won’t be the same as a full service grocery store. How many isle will they have and what kind of freezer section. Will this end up looking more like a dollar tree grocery section. The most important will be how much of a mark up will they be charging for the food desert items. You are spot on with the location being not very central to the area.

  2. I love going to UFS but I do not even like their grocery section. Most of what I saw was strange brands and for many things, overpriced. This is not even a small dent in the food desert. The area is predominately commercial, not residential. I don’t see many people walking to UFS. If I am already in a car or on the bus, I would be going to Kroger on Harmon Highway or the new Aldi in East Peoria.

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