The fall of Aaron Schock was hardly news to watchdog groups

From U.S. and World Report:

Schock put out those fires by repaying the money — how, he doesn’t really say — and the media interest largely went away. But CREW kept combing through his records; just last month, it named Schock, again, to its most-corrupt list for the third time.

They issued reports. They tried to shame Schock, and others like him. They filed complaints and called reporters, who sometimes listened but mostly didn’t.

“We filed complaints with the office of Congressional Investigation, because they have jurisdiction for a piece of this. We filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, because they have a piece of this,” Weissman says. “Each of those entities has jurisdictions for a piece of it, but that’s also what makes it difficult.”

“The FEC is not very assertive with its investigative and regulatory powers. And it’s always a question with the FBI: What does it take to actually trigger a criminal investigation?” she says. “We’ve seen this demise of journalism — newspaper and news media don’t have the resources, by and large, to do the kind of journalism you need to do to uncover this.”

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