Caterpillar rewards voters for picking Rauner as governor by moving two production lines to Mexico

From the Herald-News:

Caterpillar Inc. has announced the company will move forward with a plan that includes the loss of 230 jobs from the Joliet plant and the move of two production lines to Mexico, according to a company statement released Friday.

The announcement comes just two months after the company first went public about a possible move from the Joliet area. A decision was expected by this month.

“The company has since completed all analysis and determined to remain cost competitive, it must move forward with the transition,” the statement read.


6 thoughts on “Caterpillar rewards voters for picking Rauner as governor by moving two production lines to Mexico

  1. Let’s see, Illinois is getting 200 jobs from Georgia and Tennessee, but losing 230 to Mexico. I believe that’s still a net loss of 30 jobs for Illinois, and a net loss of 230 jobs for America…. Oh wait, they’re actually getting rid of 275 jobs in Georgia and Tennessee and only creating 200 here, so I guess that would make it a net loss of 305 American jobs…. Oh well…. It’s okay because their HQ is staying in Peoria! Yay!

  2. In three years — when all the construction jobs have dried up, Peorians will find that there is less money being spent by Caterpillar downtown. It may turn out to be an even bigger desert then than it is now.

  3. Job moves, job losses, when the jobs dry up, less money being spent… yada yada, been hearing all that for a long time. Yet some people never get laid or lose their jobs. CAT is controlled by a fraternity and if you aren’t in it, your education, skill sets, and hard work really don’t matter. Most of you could beat Oberhelman and Rauner in an academic challenge. Put them in the shop, they would be walked out less that 6 months.

  4. I did not know Caterpilar was on the ballot along with all the other corporations in Illinois who want to provide dividend to their share holders

  5. Wonderful. Let’s move all the Jobs to Sri Lanka where they make 50 cents an hour. We’ll all be rolling in dough then. Well, we’ll all be making 50 an hour too, so I don’t know how much Caterpillar stock I’ll be able to afford.

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