Here’s an FOIA status update for the sniveling little shitweasels at the PJS

Attention sniveling little shitweasles at the Journal Star: You cannot excuse away your newspaper’s general GateHouse Media-mandated inferiority by commenting on Facebook about my use of free WiFi at Starbucks or my frequent posting of Eye Candy pictures. As if my blogginess has anything to do with it.

I know the paper has far fewer reporters than it did when I was a lowly intern there back in the late 1980s. But certainly they can spare one to go through official complaints filed against Aaron Schock. You know, the guy who just got driven out of office because of similar complaints. It’s what newspapers do. Just four hours of time, that’s all I ask.

I know it’s tough trying to be a journalist for an organization so dedicated to destroying journalism in the name of corporate greed. My advice, start a blog and NO ONE will dictate what you write. But then, no salary, alas.

And by the way, the Attorney General’s office is reviewing the Illinois Comptroller’s office’s denial of my FOIA request for information about their hiring of Next Generation Public Affairs. They say this information is exempt, I disagree. Anyway, the AG’s office notified me of its status on March 13, 2015. The Comptroller’s office will get back to me after that. I’ll keep you informed.


One thought on “Here’s an FOIA status update for the sniveling little shitweasels at the PJS

  1. So well said. Real journalism has been dead for a long time at the PJStar. They are a joke for all of this happening right under their noses and letting Politico do the job. Too scared, I guess, to question the powers that be in Peoria.

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