AGAIN with all the ‘Aaron Schock is gay’ stuff?

From a gay-centric Euroean site:

Republican Aaron Schock has announced that he intends to resign from Congress – after coming under fire for not disclosing a male companion on a trip.

Technically true. The news about his photographer hit the press several weeks before he resigned. But just because Action A followed Action B, that doesn’t mean that Action A CAUSED Action B.

Most observers thing his resignation happened after the stuff about his phony mileage reimbursement came to light. It’s stuff like that may get him in trouble with the law.

This is 2015. Most voters — Democrat and Republican — do not give a rat’s patootie about his sex life. Yeah, Aaron Schock cast anti-gay rights votes. I would votes against him for that alone, whether he be straight or gay. I’d also vote against him because he opposed Food Stamps, and it doesn’t matter he was loaded.


2 thoughts on “AGAIN with all the ‘Aaron Schock is gay’ stuff?

  1. Technically you’re right.
    But was it news when Wilbur Mills had Elizabeth Ray on the payroll. It was news when Gary Hart was philandering with Donna Rice. Anthony Weiner’s missteps were lapses in judgment not crimes, yet he lost his job. The press exposes racial and heterosexual hypocrisy, but I guess homosexual hypocrisy is off limits. Look if a Congressman puts his lover on the payroll, that is news. Would you be less incensed if Schock put Drew Barrymore on his payroll?

    Was it news when Jack Roeser and well known homophobe wanted to clean up the Illinois GOP? What about Fran Eaton’s column on the “Sexualization of Illinois Politics?” What happened to Rutherford and Schock? I bet a scandal hits Mark Kirk next summer when he runs for reelection.

    My opinion is that after April 1st, Aaron Schock is no longer in position to enact discriminatory statutes and is entitled to his right to privacy. I hope he finds his happiness.

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