NOW the Journal Star prints an anti-Aaron Schock editorial

Aaron Shock has been in Congress for six years after four elections. Before that, he was on the Peoria School Board, then the state legislature. And throughout his political career, he was known for flash and no substance and for playing fast and loose with campaign funds.

There were a smattering of stories before, but during the previous six weeks, the media was FILLED with stories of these excesses.

And did any reporter run any story that could be considered anti-Schock. Heavens no. Those would be followed by calls directly to upper management, and those would be followed by threats to reassign the reporter involved.

At NO TIME did previously did the Peoria Journal Star award-winning (snicker) editorial page run any editorial that could be called anti-Aaron Schock. He was endorsed for every election.  Every single one.

Ando now — NOW — that Aaron Schock announced his resignation, his political career is over and it looks like he’s going to face indictment, the Journal Star prints an anti-Aaron Schock editorial. And it is the mildest of reads.

The congressman who flew too close to the sun.’ So Aaron Schock is a victim of his own arrogance? Oh, please. Aaron Schock is not a victim. He’s a perpetrator. Taxpayers are the victims. He ought to go to jail as a lesson to the others.



6 thoughts on “NOW the Journal Star prints an anti-Aaron Schock editorial

  1. Certainly makes a case for leaving the “Wunderkids” out of politics, don’t you think? Or is this really a case of Aaron thinking Ray and his other handlers weren’t looking. In either case, the kid was doomed from the get go.

  2. I’m tell you. Everyone is framing this as a story of insiders tturning on Schock. But all these storie were dug up by ordinary reporters going though easilly available public records.

  3. I was very impressed how reporters dug into Schock’s records. it was good reporting. Thank you, Billy Dennis, for reading PJS, because I don’t want to. They stink.

  4. C.J’s comment is dead solid perfect. It should be on the masthead of the Journal Star from this day forward.

    I think it is interesting to note how the elites of Peoria such as Jeff Green, Alexis Khazzam, and the like acted throughout this sordid episode especially when contrasted with the software exec who flew Schock to Soldier Field. The software guy told the truth. It looks like corruption is firmly entrenched and the swamp needs to be drained.

  5. I remember when Khazzam had Schock on his payroll during Schock’s early campaigning days for Junction City Ventures. I’d be willing to bet Schock did zero work for Khazzam. I think it was just a way Khazzam could circumvent campaign contribution limits. Khazzam and Green should both be investigated.

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