Aaron Schock had no friends in Congress

From the Washington Post:

Dozens of House Republicans were reluctant to weigh in on Schock’s abrupt resignation on Tuesday. Some of them cited a lack of knowledge about an ethics probe he was facing while others said Schock, in spite of his B-list celebrity status among Washington politicos, had few close friendships within the House Republican conference.

For many, he has been someone they would see at the gym or during votes, but rarely would they socialize with him or mingle with him in the backbenches.

Even though he has been a prolific fundraiser and generous in donating to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the private rap on Schock among members has been that those financial efforts were almost nakedly ambition-driven, part of plays for a gubernatorial bid or the chairmanship of the National Republican Congressional Committee, both of which fizzled last year.

Aaron Schock’s predecessor Ray LaHood could be a standoffish guy, but I’m willing to bet he shared a beer or two with his peers.

And I recall reading Tip O’Neill’s book, “Man of the House.” The idea of a Congressman who didn’t pal around with other members just seems like someone who was not in it to get anything done.

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