So where is the federal crime in what Schock is accused of doing?

Yes, yes. I know. Folks want to see Aaron Schock in an orange jumpsuit paraded before the cameras.

But I want to know: What federal crimes is chock accused of committing. If there is, cite the statute.

Certainly he is accused of violating the rules of being a Congressman. But now that he will no longer BE a congressman, where are the violations. He certainly won’t be investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics anymore. They are an independent group that investigates sitting congressmen on whether they violated Congress members for violating Congressional rules on how Congress people behave.

A lot of what Aaron Schock did seems crappy, and certainly not the sort of thing one wants their Congressman to do, but is there anything that was ILLEGAL?

There may be fast-and-loose ways money went from campaign coffers to Schock’s hands. And the accusations of Schock getting rich with the help of people he supposedly did political favors for … THAT may be a violation of the law, but there’s no investigations there that I am aware of

7 thoughts on “So where is the federal crime in what Schock is accused of doing?

  1. He overbilled the federal government over $45000 (he claimed over 90,000 miles he could not have driven, if I remember correctly) I think that might be fraud. People have gone to jail over such travel fraud.

  2. My favorite story today was the first report the Journal Star put on their website. It just said that other sources said Schock was resigning and that the Journal Star’s reporter was sitting outside Schock’s office waiting for his scheduled interview. Hahahahahaha! Pretty much says it all about the Journal Star, doesn’t it? Oh, if only I were a political cartoonist….

  3. There is so much money that has gone unaccounted for the DOJ is going to get involved. The Office of Congressional Ethics investigation ends in two weeks.

    With whom did Schock fly back from China that cost over $7,000? Did any of his donors use Schock’s travel reimbursements to fly at taxpayer expense? Will some local businessmen do time? Why did Schock fail to disclose his trip to Saudi Arabia? So many questions to be answered.

  4. The selling of his home to a donor at an above market value amount is similar to what put Randy “Duke” Cunningham behind bars.

    1. The home selling thing will probably not what they get Schock on. The price was slightly above market value. What they will probably get him on is the milleage.

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