If you do not want WalMart built at the Peoria Stadium site, then you probably better vote for Beth Akeson

From Say No To WalMart at Peoria Stadium:

Recently, conversations have once again turned to the Peoria Stadium site. I have spoken with people who say that the WalMart issue is not a dead deal. They have also mentioned there are other entities that have shown interest in the property, that I cannot divulge at this time. That being said, Peoria Elections are coming up on April 7, 2015. I support Beth Akeson and I urge everyone to vote for her when you go to the polls. She has been a staunch voice for the people of Peoria to stop the sale of the property to WalMart. She has stuck her neck out on this issue and continues to speak for the people of surrounding neighborhoods, and many others, in standing against a WalMart being built on the property. Remember that City council voting is cumulative voting. Each voter has five votes. If you vote for one candidate, that candidate gets all five of your votes. If you vote for 2, each candidate gets 2.5 votes and so on.





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