So, what the Hell is “Menards Peoria LLC,” Aaron Schock?

Here is a question that Aaron Schock is refusing to answer:

Schock’s staff has refused to respond to, or even acknowledge, days of repeated inquiries from NBC5 Investigates, about an entity known as Menards Peoria LLC, which was organized last April.

Incorporation papers filed with the Illinois Secretary of State list Schock as the “manager” of the company, which is headquartered in his Peoria home.

In those documents, the company’s purpose is listed simply as, “The transaction of any or all lawful business for which Limited Liability Companies may be organized under this act.”

Repeated calls to Schock’s Capitol office, and each of his district offices in Springfield, Peoria, and Jacksonville, yielded no answers. Staffers refused to divulge the Peoria Republican’s public schedule, referring all inquiries to his press spokesman, who did not reply to calls or emails seeking information.

There is a Menards home improvement store in Peoria. The manager there told NBC5 Schock is not affiliated with their store. A representative at the corporate office echoed those sentiments, regarding Menards Peoria LLC, the company for which the congressman is listed as manager.

Maybe Menards Peoria LLC is a company that buys puppies to give them to families of service people. Or, maybe it’s something more sinister.  If its puppies for service people, I think Schock would probably have answered the question.

5 thoughts on “So, what the Hell is “Menards Peoria LLC,” Aaron Schock?

  1. or maybe it’s code for Men ar ds. Only he knows how to fill in the blanks, we constituents can only guess.

  2. @ptownliferalmost That is great! about LMAO! I think you cracked the code.

    I originally thought this sideshow was going to end with his photographer telling all to TMZ, but I’m beginning to think we in Peoria are going to be treated to a once in a lifetime event . . . seeing a local Congressman in cuffs doing a perp walk. I think we’ll be seeing a major money laundering operation before it’s all done.

  3. ah, warm sundays, a time the soul is refreshed. a clearer mind less muddled from monday to friday work angst. and time for more reflective thoughts:

    1. Please support Mr. Dennis. I am sending him a few bucks after this post. It is clear, patently clear, the local media is shorn down by corporate cuts, desirous of better jobs (i do not blame but a single one; and somehow local corporations and our state do hire local media folks – deservedly, undeservedly, or mostly because of aquaintences). I call out the local people I believe to be truly good, even great reporters, to stop buying the company store. Kravetz. Vlahos. Koonce.
    2. Schock needs private planes because his district is so large. Such hardship! Perhaps if the district were drawn more contiguous and compact, the private planes would be less necessary. Or mayhaps, if he spent less time on his abs, and paragliding in Brazil, a car trip in Illinois would not seem so horrible. I expect a vote for fairer redistricting to make his travel less burdensome.
    3. I hope to gosh there is more bad news for Schock come monday. He is not representative of his district; even before the spate of bad news. Privileged by birth yet non-exceptional in any way, aside from the people whom he knows and has come to know; a commodity purchased by PACs (see his donations here:, fungible, and soon to be thrown away. I can only hope this is the end of his like; i know many more lying smooth talkers currently prospering, for now. The pipers call for them too.
    4. I am still befuddled as to whom decided Schock was to be eliminated; happy and rejoicing nonetheless, and i hope his entire entourage finds indictments on their doorsteps. Christian right? Tea party? LaHood? The information is so recent and detailed, I had first assumed his fired friend, Benjamin Cole, and I cannot find his landing place, so he may be assisting the effort. If it is a dogged press corp, FINALLY digging after a redecorate of his office (and as history plays out, it may be [yea! the world may have hope yet!]
    5. I would be happier for Schock’s demise, if in any way it meant politicians and higher-level government individuals would now become true public servants. I am resigned to the belief that nothing short of armed revolution will make a true change. Schock will be replaced with the junior LaHood, another unworthy inheritor of titles and lands; a far better trained blue suit wearor, who will deepen the divides. Although, I admit, a shred of hope that Darrin is the boring, yet surprising, believer in tearing the temple veil down and kicking the scoundrels out.

    Finally, an aside on the oboe, to a Mr. Brian G. I suspect we have many great things to share. After a donation, I am leaving the proprietor of this website with instructions to let you know my email. I hope you do.

  4. My Ego Needs A Radical Disection Stat. That or, more likely, he’s a Gay Porn producer. He could save taxpayer money by just using his ‘Photographer’ and ‘Intern’.

  5. Just a bit more information, or an update:

    Menards Peoria LLC is/was a legal entity created to acquire and hold the building that the Peoria Menards was formerly in (2211 W Pioneer Pkwy in Peoria). That’s a pretty standard practice for commercial/retail building ownership.

    Schock’s LLC purchased the property (on 05/30/2014) for a price of $300,000. Schock himself signed on a deed of trust/mortgage document recorded on the same date valued at $600,000 from Heritage Bank. (These documents are available freely on Peoria County’s recorder website.) I wasn’t able to locate a deed of him selling the property off, but he doesn’t appear to be the current owner. Rather, the current owner of the parcel the building is on is Green Chevrolet (is there a dealership there now? Haven’t been by in about 7-8 years…).

    Just in case anyone was wondering. 🙂

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