How to NOT behave when you are on Cops

1. Do not get smart with the cops on Cops. They will f*ck you over to prove a point.

2. Do not lie to the cops on Cops. You have the right to say nothing. Use that right.

3. The right to remain silent begins immediately. They do not ask you “So, where you heading tonight” just to make conversation. They are looking for ANY reason to catch you in a lie.

4. Do not run from the cops on Cops. In the history of cop-dom, the number of people who have successfully gotten away from the cops is numbered on one hand. Running changes a bad misdemeanor into a really bad felony.

5. “Am I free to go officer?” is your friend.

Anyway, I am finding it increasingly difficult to watch Cops. The officers are so aggressive and so assuming the people they talk with are dangerous criminals. Of course, they only show the cases where cops were dicks and the people they pull over are low-lifes. I would pay cash money to see the stuff they do not run.

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