Still think Aaron Schock is unbeatable?

rp_aaron_schock_head-150x1501.jpgHere is what is happening to Aaron Schock right now.

He’s not in Washington right now, so he’s probably getting calls from bosses within the GOP hinting or flat out telling him to resign.

Other office holders who Schock endorsed and raised money for are now failing to return his phone calls. Workers who once lied for him are preparing to come clean.

Word has gone out to the GOP media (probably the result of whispering in editors ears) that Schock is to be given not one once of cover.

Members of his own party are beginning to mull over their own runs for his seat.

Members of the Democratic Party are beginning to mull their own runs for his seat.

He’s doomed now. It’s only a matter of time. He’ll be a pariah if this keeps up.

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