It looks like Schock is going to have a challenger in the primary

This the sort of primary challenge I would expect Schock to have:


Mark Zalcman

Aaron Schock doesn’t have to face voters at the ballot box until next year. But in order to run for re-election it appears he may first have to surmount a primary challenge.

Bloomington attorney Mark Zalcman, formerly a Chillicothe resident, announced Monday that he planned to seek the GOP nomination for the 18th Congressional District seat that Schock now holds.

Zalcman made a bid in the 2014 Republican primary for the state House seat long held by Rep. David Leitch, R-Peoria, but was removed from the ballot before the election following a challenge that determined he didn’t have enough valid signatures on his candidate petitions.

“A little more time and a few more signatures are all we needed last time,” Zalcman said in a news release. “This time around we have plenty of time and a lot more experience, so getting (1,000) or so signatures required for this office (Schock’s seat) is going to be no problem at all. This time the voters will decide, not the State Board of Elections.”

So, who filed the challenge to Zalcman when he ran against Leitch. Steve Shearer, the former chief of staff and campaign manager for Aaron Schock. Shearer’s fingerprints were all over some of spending snafus affecting Schock, according to Office of Congressional Ethics report I read.

Shearer quit Schock’s office some four months after that report came out. But Shearer was not working for Schock when Shearer filed the challenge to Zalcman.

Too bad, because it would have made a great story for Zalcman to be running as a payback against Shearer and Schock. He may still be for all I know.

And why is Zalcman running? Because God:

Zalcman said he is running on a platform centered on his Christian faith and values, using the slogan “Because Washington needs the Gospel.”

And there you have it, folks. Vote for Schock and essentially you are voting for Satan.

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