Aaron Schock has money grubber syndrome


Crooked landlords who refuse to return security deposits have it.

Accountants who walk off with their clients money have it.

Government officials who use tax money to buy Beanie Babies and American Dolls collections have it.

Stock brokers who become millionaires and billionaires by diverting investors money into their personal accounts have it.

It’s called “money grubber syndrome.” It’s the idea that any money put into a money grubbers hands — for whatever reason — BECOMES the personal wealth of the money grubber. It’s why some landlords (OK, a MAJORITY of landlords) never seem able to return security deposits.

It’s money that is in ‘MY’ hands, so it must belong to ‘ME.’

It’s why some restaurant owners treat the money in the till at any given time as their personal cache of cash,  regardless of whether the vendors or even their employees get paid. That’s why so many seemingly successful ventures fail … the money goes directly to paying off bookies.

I’ve been bitten by the bug, too … I used to collect money for my paper route, and sometimes would have the money half spent before I paid the Journal Star for my papers. You didn’t do THAT for log, not if you wanted to keep your route.

I think Aaron Schock has that disease. He collects ALL this money — supposedly for use for his and other Congressmen’s re-election. And he looks at this money, and it GALLS his that he cannot use this cash for trips, workout videos and lavish office remodeling. And since he’s a congressman (and very young) no one dares to say “no” to him.

And when he’s called on it, he denies he every did anything wrong but says he’s stop it right away and hire some adult supervision and hopes that nothing will happen to him.

Come to think about it, maybe Congressman Schock wouldn’t be in this mess if he has a paper route when he was 14 — instead of planning his first campaign for office.



4 thoughts on “Aaron Schock has money grubber syndrome

  1. The Chicago Sun-Times put up a story earlier tonight. See http://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/7/71/424390/rep-aaron-schock-bills-taxpayers-staffers-weekend-new-york

    Four Illinois Congressmen went to New York last fall.

    Danny Davis (D) did not bill the taxpayers anything.

    Daniel Lipinski (D) billed the taxpayers $741.06 for transportation.

    Randy Hultgren (R) billed the taxpayers $1099.75 for himself and a staffer, and they stayed in New york an extra day for meetings.

    Aaron Schock (R) billed the taxpayers $10,053 for himself and several staffers who had no official duties. Wonder if the PJ Star’s two political reporters will be reporting this in the coming days.

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