Was a coach/teacher fired yesterday? UPDATED 2x

The Peoria Twitterverse was abuzz last night about a certain high school coach/teacher getting fired after making allegedly inappropriate comments. More if and when it becomes available. Story is UNCONFIRMED so far, so I’m not naming teacher, the sport of the high school. Could just be kids playing games.

UPDATE: I’ve sent emails to TWO school officials. and it’s not even 1 p.m. I should hear SOMETHING, of this school gives a flying rat’s posterior about public relations AT ALL.

Background: This person who allegedly was fired is not popular with many parents, and final straw came when he allegedly asked a girl to show him her underwear.

UPDATE 2: OK, it’s been revealed on Facebook. The teacher worked at Notre Dame. Apparently he was a cross country/track coach. And he was apparently “asked” to resign.

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